Monday, December 29, 2014

Sorry blogging world

I've been gone a long time.

Things started sliding at the end of October when I got a new job that has been a little challenging to adjust to. It's father away, the community is different, and I thought all of the change was the reason I've been dead on my feet tired lately, I've hardly been reading and I was spending very little time with my friends, which is highly unusual for me. As it turns out, for the last few months I've had mono. Who even gets that outside of high school. Some of the side effects of mono are a susceptibility to illness, which explains why I've had the flu twice and strep throat (all in the last 3 months), and you're also very, very, very, tired.

Apparently I've had it for a few months now, and I think it's beginning to go away because I have a bit more energy than I did last month. However, I'm going to continue to put a hold on the Blogging so that I can not only continue to get better, but look into someone to do a custom blog design for me. I think a change of face would really perk things up for me.

So don't lose faith Blogging world. It's not that I've forgotten about you, or even that I'm not reading and scribbling down reviews in a notebook, it's that I've been diseased. I'll be back to writing regularly updating in not time!


  1. don't worry, you have to take care of yourself. Take all the time you need!