About Me

I figure it'd be nice to introduce myself.

My name is Kym and one day I plan to finish library school, not sure when yet, still working on it >.<

I began the library journey in undergrad, I got a job at the campus library and I stayed there for four years. After graduating with a Theatre degree under my belt I went off to work at Disney World in entertainment costuming, followed by working as a Wardrobe Supervisor at a theatre in Rhode Island, then it was back home to CT. About a year after discecting my life at home with my parents I had the opportunity to move to Ohio to work as an Assistant Show Choir director (never again, it's nothing like Glee), and while there I began my MLIS. I wound up moving back home and began to volunteer at the West Haven library. During my volunteer times job opened up, I applied, and landed this full time position. (Somewhere in the middle of that I also made all the costumes for my sisters drama class, they did Town Mouse, City Mouse. It was so cute!)

I now work as a Youth Assistant Librarian helping patrons from birth to seventeen, and even a little older than that sometimes. While here, I've taken over the Teen Book Club, and began a Teen Advisory Group, and an Teen Anime Club, Junior Anime Club, and Improvisation group. I've also begun to do additional program such as Henna and some author Skype chats, which are a big hit with the people that I can convince to come. Somewhere along the way I also found out about the Connecticut Library Consortium and I'm now the co-chair of the Newbie Roundtable (hence the blog name) and learning a ton.

I follow a ton of blogs and I'm always on the hunt for something to spark a new idea for a program, book chat, or just a way to make myself a better librarian!

Library stuff aside, I LOVE musicals, I sew quilts when the mood strikes, sing loudly in the car (sometimes I drive places just so I can rock out to a song), Karaoke!!, I'm a big coffee fan, I plan random adventures (like the time some friends and I went to Sleepy Hollow), and I avoid cooking by all means necessary.

This blog will documents my adventures, actually I'm probably just going to review a ton of books, and throw in some randomness every once in a while :D


  1. Hello,
    I saw where you posted on my blog for FF. Thanks for checking it out and following. I am a young adult librarian also and I have been one for 2 years but I have been working for Ouachita Parish Public Libraries for 7 years in October. Just as you said I am always on the hunt for program ideas for the kids that I services which is ages 12-18. I will start a teen advisory program this fall also. There are some things that we have in common. I did theatre in high school and I helped out with the drama department that we had here also. Maybe we could exchange email address because you have some really good ideas for programming and library goodies :).

    -Ericka @ Highway-Y.A

    1. That would be great. I'm always on the hunt for new ideas!

  2. Hi! I'm Jancee, and I have an MLIS, but right now I'm working in an academic library because there aren't too many jobs around here. Not a bad route, just different, I suppose. Anyway, I love the blog - we seem to have similar tastes in our books! Thought I'd introduce myself and say hi to a fellow librarian! Always nice to meet others in the field!

    -Jancee @ Jancee Reads

  3. I've nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. You are under no obligation to accept, but if you are interested you can find out more here. Spreading the bloggie love :)