Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Let's talk about romance novels

So let's talk about romance novels, shall we. When someone brings up romance novels and I can feel in my bones that they're going to have something... stereotypical to say, the first thing I think about is the article Damsels in Distress written back in 2013 and I wonder how so many people can function in society walking around with blinders on their face. Basically what I'm saying is that romance novels are typically about more than boy meets girl, they more than a sexual release, they're books, with a plot, meaning, and two people who eventually decide they love each other. Now, I want to say that I've never read those older Harlequin romance novels with the long haired dude and the beach so I'm not talk about those. I refuse to speculate on something that I haven't read enough of to make an educated decision.

Angels Fall by Nora Roberts. Everyone knows who Nora Roberts is, even if they don't read they know who she is. Nora Roberts is a famous romance writer (well she also has her J.D. Robb books which are mystery novels, but that's neither here nor there), I have no problem with calling her a romance writer, but I get upset when people assume that her books are nothing more than insta-love. Angels Fall is about a woman who has been traumatize due to a crime to horrific I literally can't wrap my mind around how she's still a functioning person. It's just about the worst of the worst as far as I'm concerned. She decides that she can't really handle life any more so she packs are car and drives. She winds up in this little tiny town working as a cook and trying to start her life over, but she obviously still has quite a lot to work though. She has crazy OCD when it comes to locking doors and is easily startled and she may even be on meds, I can't remember. Anyway, once day she sees a guy get murdered, and while she's trying to get someone to take her seriously and figure out who this dead woman was, her paths cross with this brooding, recluse, of an author named Brody (you know the type) and they fall for each other. Okay, fine, cool, but people there's more to the story than that. This is a mystery. There is a dead woman, and a killer floating around somewhere. On top of that, the Brody helps Reese (that's the main woman) handle her fear and anxiety. This is a book about beating the odds, and overcoming obstacles. This is a book about reclaiming you life for yourself . This is a book about believing in yourself even when no one else believes in you. (Well except the hot guy, he always eventually believes you, but so freaking what.) This book is more than just a petty romance and I resent the tone that people use when referring to Nora Roberts books, or other romance novels. They turn their nose up at them as if they have no substance, and I think that's crap.

So to the people who turn up their nose and romance novels and look at them only as plotless books that provide a sexual release and don't teach you how to be a better person, as well as help you to realize what you might be looking at in a partner, I only have one thing to say...


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