Friday, June 28, 2013

New discoveries

I feel I'm discovering all sorts of fun new things recently. My newest discovery is something through Simon and Schuster called Pulseit, it allows you to read new or soon to be released YA books online. There is only one book available at a time and it's only available for a month, but I think it's great because you still get that opportunity, and for people who are dying for ARCs (like me), it's a wonderful opportunity.

I registered last night after my co-worker told me about it. Because it's the end of the month the books they're featuring is only available for another two days but I still went through the process to figure it out. The book their offering for the month of June is actually an older book (which I didn't figure out until a character mentioned myspace, then I checked the book out on goodreads), but the theory is that they're offering that book because there's a giveaway for ARC written by the same author... I think.

Right next to the book that can be read now, which is Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt and from what I can see, next months book is going to be FML which looks hilarious and I'm dying to read it. *Crossing Fingers* If pulseit works out for me hopefully I'll be able to review a lot more (and more recent) books.

I'm working to improve my review writing technique. Helpful tips and tricks are appreciated :)


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