Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teen jeopardy

So when I was going through the summer read CD that hey gave us I stumbled across this History jeopardy power point that had already been created, all you have to do it run it. I sat and pondered using it because I didn't think that teens would want to do more homework after they has just finished with finals, man was I wrong. They were really excited when I told them about it, especially when I told them that the winning team would be winning summer read prizes.

I split the teens into two teams and connected my computer to a projector that we have in the community room so that everyone would be able to see the questions (answer) just like in real jeopardy. They had cookies and juice boxes as brain food and we played the game, it was so much fun. I think they fact that they were playing in teams took some of the edge off of some of the harder questions.

The game was quick, easy, and fun for everyone, and I was finally able to get rid of some of the random things we'd ordered and then realized we didn't know how we'd use. I hope that I can find more pre-made fun jeopardy games and maybe make this a monthly or bimonthly thing.

Let the hunt begin.


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