Friday, May 17, 2013

Holy Cow!

Last year I planned a program that I called Campfire Nights. My plan was to make a fake campfire in the community room, turn off all the light except for those little battery operated candles and tell ghost stories while eating marshmallows and having a ton of fun. I came up with the idea for  this program while I was still an intern and I was excited and terrified.

I live in CT so of course there was some massive snow storm and the library was closed and we were never able to reschedule it. Somehow the Director heard about the program and she thought that it sounded great and that we could make it even bigger that I had originally planned. She mentioned that if I was still around for the next Halloween (A.K.A. this October) that we should plan to make it bigger and maybe do it outside and get funding and all sort of other things.

So I get a call from my Director today reminding me of Campfire Nights from last year and she has given me a month to put together activities for campfire nights and other things to do during the month. She hopes to make it something that we do annually. Holy Cow!! That was not my original idea but yeah, sure, why not.

I'm not too overwhelmed because there's still time to figure this all out, but I am pretty excited. I just hope everything works out and we're not snowed out for the second time in a row.

So far I know that I'd like to keep the scary story aspect, but maybe in a different fashion. We could have someone start making up a story on the spot and when they reach a good stopping point the next person cold pick it up changing the story and adapting it. I also want to roast marshmallows and hotdogs.

During the month of October I want to do a book club program with those Goose bump books where you pick your own ending. Most of those books provide up to six or seven different endings, it would be interesting to know what paths various readers choose in the book.

I would also like to adapt TLT's Extreme Gingerbread Challenge and have the kids make haunted gingerbread houses.

Those are the ideas I have for now, I really hope this all works out. There just a tab bit more pressure on your shoulders when the director is looking over your shoulder and trusting in you and one of your ideas.


  1. We did a campfire movie night. We brought in a fake campfire (logs and all) that we had in the children's room fireplace and had that for light while they watched the movie. We let them bring sleeping bags and blankets (one person per, only) and we make s'mores in the community room oven... (bake a piece of chocolate and marshmallow on top of a graham cracker, then take them out and smoosh the other cracker on top....almost exactly like real ones!) it was super fun.

  2. That could be a lot of fun, we already show two movies a month, this would just be on a new scale. I may "borrow" this idea. lol.