Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teen Space


Right now I work as a youth librarian which services everything from birth (or 0... weird) to seventeen, but the goal is to one day work just with teens. Not only have I studied this in grad school, but I've also noticed as I've library hopped from various roundtable, teen decor is incredibly important.

I was just at the Avon library this past Monday and was salivating over their teen room. There were computers everywhere, and fancy, cushy seating. Every flyer, poster, painting, and knick knack was something for teens, about teens. I'm in my 20's and all I wanted to do was hang out there. I feel like in an environment that strictly for one age group, they might be more likely to pay attention to signage that displays programs they know that regardless of what the flyer is advertising, it has something to do with them.

The libraries that don't have designated areas for specific age groups may lose interested teens or children because when surrounded by information for ages 12 and under, it's easy to ignore most of what's around you under the assumption that it's babyish and has nothing to do with you. *Sigh*

I know that I'm new to this world, but I am under no assumptions that every teen area of a library can look as fantastic as Avon or Groton or anywhere else that's luck enough to have a cool area. Sometimes there isn't enough money, or space, or time. I understand. I guess I'm getting all of this out because I wish there was enough time, money, and space. I feel like children, teens in particular, are in such a hard age group sometimes. There not old enough for adult, and they're too old for children. It's almost like the entire age group falls into the cracks if there's not someone around to pay attention.

On the up side, seeing all of these libraries gives me something to work toward!


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