Monday, January 27, 2014

Manag Monday #3 Bunny Drop Vol. 2


Like a plot out of a soap opera, bachelor Daikichi Kawachi's boringly normal life got a touch of the abnormal when he learned that his late granddad left behind a love child. And further rattling the unexpected skeleton in the closet? The ungainly, unglamorous Daikichi's impulsive decision to take in little Rin! But as the impromptu dad and his charge learn to adapt to both one another and their very new living situation, Daikichi is plagued by thoughts of Rin's mother. Who is she? Why has she been quiet all this time? Hot on the trail after discovering a modem at the old man's computer-less abode, Daikichi plays detective in search for answers. But elementary school enrollment, extracurricular activities, and other parental obligations wait for no man, so when the day of confrontation with the mysterious Masato arrives, will Daikichi be prepared?! (

Manga Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Alison Can Read.

Bunny Drop picks up right where it left off. Daikicki is raising Rin as best as he can preparing her for Kindergarten and searching for her mom. After some detective skills and he's able to locate her and I was pretty shocked by her reaction. I'll never understand some parents.

I don't remember what it was like to be 6 years old but I do remember what it was like to be a preteen. When Rin came home and asked for a new hairstyle because a girl at her day care said that she wasn't pretty. My heart broke, I almost cried, and then to find out that Rin's night time habits have changed so drastically because of what other children have been saying in school just baffles the mind... except not really, because when all you want to do is fit in, it's hard not to take what others say to heart. I don't know, as funny as some moments in this manga were, it kind of hit me in the heart. I defy any haters of manga to say that this type of literature is silly and worthless :P (I've heard these exact words uttered by parents in the library so excuse my passionate moment please).


  1. I really enjoyed reading the first volume of this manga series and I plan on continuing it. It's got a bittersweet, comedy bent to it that I've haven't encountered with other manga series before.

  2. Same here, I was actually told my a teen here that the book takes a weird turn so I'm interesting to find out what that's all about.