Monday, October 20, 2014

Books vs. Movies vs. Audio Books

It's common knowledge that books are almost always better than a movie adaptation. The books provide more detail, a better connection to the characters, and, at times, despite the description an author has provided for the protagonist, I tend to picture them with my face (we all do it). We then tend to decide how accepting we are of the movie based on what they have included and left out from the book.

What I'm wondering is how does listening to a book affect us vs. reading it. Right now I'm listening to Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver and I like it, but I'm wondering, do I like the book because I really like it, or is the girl reading the book making me like it. Sometimes when listening to the book there are sentences, or descriptions that make me stop and go"...really," but I want to keep listening to this girl reading so I get over it.

I have no answer. Just questions.


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