Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I've been neglecting the Hub reading challenge. I wanted tor read every book on the list so I could get that e badge, but I have a good reason. Janet Evanovich has taken over my life. I'm obsessed with the Stephanie Plum series, I'm currently on book ten, Ten Big Ones. I started listening to them because I had to drive an hour to and from work everyday, but one say I couldn't get a hold of the audio book so I checked the book out and I've been speed reading them because I want to catch myself up in the series, and I must know

*****Slight spoiler but not really*******

what's going on with Stephanie and Joe, if they don't get married I'm going to lose it. I love the Stephanie Plum books because she just keeps going. She may lose three cars in one book, but she keeps trudging along. I also relate with Stephanie living on my own, working hard to pay the bills (although I'm not a bounty hunter), and I really want a hamster... or maybe a fish, I haven't decided yet.

Stephanie is funny, and snarky, and resilient, and she can rationalize anything like a pair of purple high heels. What's not to love.


  1. I love this series too! (I'm actually a huge Ranger fan...don't hate me, LOL!!) I've read all the way up to number 17, but I'm hoping to catch up to the newest ones this summer...

  2. You know what, I kind of love Ranger too, but he's Batman, he'll never commit. There may be hope for Morelli though.