Monday, July 22, 2013


Listservs are officially the greatest invention ever and there are two reasons why. First this poor patron comes in to the library the other day and is beating herself up trying to remember the title to a book she read last year. She has a random scattering of information that was rather vague. There was a girl and a boy and they both discovered they had powers. The girl could produce light and other random information. The only thing that stood out was that the girl was a cartographer in the beginning of the book and the patron was sure that there were other books in the series. As she's telling me what she knows about this book and what the cover looked like I'm typing it all into an e-mail in as organized a way as possible and then I sent it out to the Speak and YALSA listservs and got a ton of reply's all suggesting the same book so I'm going to assume they're right. It's so amazing how we can all connect like that. I love it!!!!

Second I needed new ideas for my Free Read Teen Book Club, and sent a mass message out about that too. Come to find out that Marissa Meyer, the author of the Lunar Chronicles will do a 20 min. Skype chat for free. So guess what I'm working to set up. I've already ordered the books through ILL. Hopefully it wont take a million years for them to get here, and we can chat with Marissa Meyer.

Haven I mentioned lately that I love my job!!


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