Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Programs

So since I've fallen off the wagon and it's been a million years since I've blogged I figured I'd fix that. Summer is winding down to a close and low and behold my Assistant Director is like, make sure you have all your programs and dates to me in two weeks for the Fall flyer, and I'm like... crap. So I've decide to list for you here the current ideas, some of which have been solidified.

  1. Murder Mystery (I'm so pumped for this, we're also doing on in like two weeks, my first)
  2. Campfire Nights
  3. Extreme haunted house building
  4. Banded books reading (where you read and talk about a passage from a banned book)
  5. Genre roulete (the teen book club will roll giant genre dice to pick a new genre to read for book club)
  6. Fort Time Story Time (building blanket forts will the little guys and going under it for story time)
  7. Or course there will be two anime clubs *sigh* still stressed about that one.
  8. I'm thinking on improv nights where we play all the improv games I learned as a Theatre major in college.
  9. We did History jeopardy and that well well so I have more of those.
  10. Anime bingo was a big hit some I'm thinking Harry Potter bingo, and maybe bingo based off other popular books
  11. Lets not forget our annual holiday party, always a big event
I'm sure the list will grow in the next two weeks but here's what I'm working with so far. So excited!!


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