Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review- Intuition

  As Cole begins to accept her new life as Akhet, someone who can remember flashes of her past lives, every new vision from her past lives helps explain who she is in this life. As her passion for Griffon grows, she learns to identify other Akhet around her, including Drew, the young self-made millionaire who reveals his startling connection to Cole-he was her husband in Elizabethan England and gave her the ankh necklace that has been returned to her after centuries in hiding. Drew's attentions are overwhelming as he insists that their connection in the past signals their future destiny together, but before she can decide who she truly loves, Cole must learn to harness her unique Akhet abilities if she is to ever understand her role in this strange new world. (

*This is book two in a series, there will be spoilers if you haven't read the first book.*

Intuition picks up right where Transcendence leaves off with Cole continuing to learns what it means to be Akhet and as she remembers more about her past lives. I would give this book about a 3.5, Transcendence was about Cole and discovering and accepting what she was as well as who she had been. There is some controversy over book two, it's been considered... I don't know, I guess you could say a slightly lesser novel because so much of the book revolves around Cole and her relationship with Griffin and her relationship (and past relationship) with Drew. I can see how that could be off putting, but I had a slightly different reaction. 


Griffin finds out that Cole and Drew were married in one of there past lives, not only that, but it was the past like that Griffin also share with Cole (you know the one where he cut her head off). He instantly ends their relationship and it's clear where he does that he's encountered an experience such as this before, and he's bailing before it becomes too much to handle. 

When Cole realizes that Griffin's mind wont be changed, she begins to explore what a relationship with Drew could be like, and as sweet as it all is sometimes, I knew it wouldn't work early on. Drew was living in the past, he wanted to revert their relationship back to the way it was when they were Connor and Allison. When Cole was with Drew, she was wearing fancy dresses, going to dinner parties, and making decisions on the purchase of million dollar Yachts. Drew didn't encourage her Cello playing or dreams of going to Julliard. When she was with Drew, the Cole we saw with Griffon in Transcendence, was slowly disappearing.

As cheesy as this is about to sound while reading this book I kept repeating things to myself like "Just because some other girl left you doesn't mean that Cole will too, stop judging her based off of what someone else did" and "Cole is not Allison, they are not the same person, can't you see that!!" There are important messages for teens.

Not to mention that there is a bigger plot in the book.

*Bigger spoilers*

Veronique comes back and has discovered a way to change normal people into Akhet.

I'm excited to see what comes with book three.


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