Thursday, December 19, 2013

Attention world YA matters. Just accept it and move on.

The other day a patron came into the library and was talking about... something (I don't know what she was talking about, but she wouldn't stop rambling). At some point I mentioned that we have books here for teens as well as children, and I told her that we get a lot of adult patrons as well because they also read YA books. The woman instantly replies with "I know isn't it sad." I swear to you I heard a roaring in my ears. What is that supposed to mean, what's so bad about YA???? So here are a few articles that speak about the benefits of YA and why those books are so important. Take that :/


  1. I agree! I love YA! It's like the teen genre (though I think there's nothing wrong with adults reading it :) ), and I love how I can relate with a lot of it. New Adult stuff can get too racy for me, and middle school books, though I adore some of the books in that genre, is a bit young for me. YA is perfect! :) I think YA gets a bad rep sometimes because of books like Twilight (which isn't that terrible...).
    Interesting post!:)