Friday, July 25, 2014

Skype chat with Brandy Colbert

When I get a long e-mail from a 14 year old girl ranting and raving about a Skype chat an hour after it's over, I know it was successful.

Wednesday at 4:30 EST I began a Skype chat with Brandy Colbert author of Pointe (her debut novel). The book was great, but meeting Brandy herself was even better. There were, of course, technical difficulties, but our tech person (who'd also read the book) was right there giving it her all, and eventually we got things straightened out. The first portion of out time with Brandy was spent with me typing questions fired off by teens behind me, and her verbally responding to us. When we finally got our mic up and running we were all able to talk together.

The teens were asking questions such as:
Was Donovan gay?
Why ballet?
Was it hard being an adult writing as a teen?
What made you want to write a book with this particular subject matter?
What are some of your favorite books?

There were also statements such as:
Poor Theo.
We hate Chris.
Tell us more about Hosea.

This why, by far, one of my most successful programs of the summer and I'm so glad Brandy agreed to meet with us this way. It's a true testament to technology that a room full of people in CT were able to speak with an author in LA. Bravo Skype.

If anyone is reading this and they haven't read Pointe, shame on you. Go to your local library and acquire it ASAP.


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