Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Free Read Teen Book Club

Alright, so again I mention, we're trying to build this department, we need a higher attendance record for programs, so I thought of a new idea for the Teen Book Club, the kids read whatever books their choose, then discuss them with other members present at the club.

I came up with this idea because sometimes when I mentioned the group to some of the teens who came into the library, they didn't want to come to the book club because they didn't like the book choice, or they though it was below their reading level, or the genre didn't appeal to them. It was always something. So I though that if we did some type of free read, then we'd get more kids because they could read whatever they wanted. I tried this for the first time last week and it worked out pretty well.

I brought four book to talk about (why I read them, what I liked about them, brief synopsis) and the other kids who came each brought one. By the time we ended the meeting, I was asked to put three of the four books I'd presented on hold, and one teen wanted to start the book series that another teen had talked about. I really think something like this could turn our teen book club around.

Below are the books I presented. 



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