Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Playaway's also known as my new BFF

I'm trying to figure out why the whole world isn't obsessed with Playaway's like I am. At this very moment in time, I'm typing this while listening to Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard (an impulsive choice I made, 3 minutes before the library closed).

I drive an hour to and from work every day and I'm working my way through Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series and I love them, but switching CD's while going 70mph down the highway in the dark is just slightly dangerous. With Playaway's all you do is sit and listen. If I ever decide to start going to the gym like I've been planning on for the last three years I'd love to listen to an audio book while walking (yes walking, none of this running business) on the treadmill, but who had a CD player these days?

I know that audible.com is a pretty big deal and I looked into it last night and from what I understand you only get one credit a month, which I think equals one book a month. I don't know about anyone else but I've already been through thee audio books this month and there's still another week to go, not to mention I don't want to pay for anything I don't have to. Apparently you can buy Playaway's on Amazon but they're a ridiculous amount of money.I'll stick to libraries, but I can't find a lot of libraries that offer them. My home town library has a small selection, but nothing great, and no YA books.

Looks like I'll be doing a bit more research today.


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