Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let the planning begin

So I got kind of discouraged with the blog as school started to pile up on me so I shut it down temporarily, then after reading a post by another blogger who said that with the exception of her husband it took a few months before people started reading her blog I decided to get back in the races and start this thing up again.

So, first up on the agenda, I just got my copy of Prodigy in and I'm pumped to read it.

Second, it's teen tech week and I've got this punch card raffle going on, I borrowed the idea from Teen Library Toolbox ( http://www.teenlibrariantoolbox.com/2013/02/tpib-ttw13-check-in-at-library.html) kids have taken them and I even have two girls who brought them back. Tomorrow we're have relay game night. I found a ton of times games on sites like wordgames.com, memory-improvement-tips.com, and sporkle.com/games. I plan to split everyone who shows up into two groups and we'll play these games, add up the score and one team wins. I've got games planned like word ruffle, name that website icon, finish the Disney quote, and harry potter 200. I've just got to rope the kids into coming and it'll be a great night.

Last I'm planning in advance for Poetry month. I'm planning a poetry slam grades 8-12 and a blackout poetry program (you know where you have a news paper and black out all the words except for the ones that you want to keep to make a poem.

I've got high hopes for the next couple of weeks.


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