Friday, February 8, 2013

Nemo + Baker and Taylor

Well it looks like there wont be much library time here for the next two days because Winter Storm Nemo have invaded Connecticut. So I guess we'll just redirect our attention to something that I learned in school the other day. So I'm taking this reference materials class right now and our last assignment required us to look at certain sites and companies that catered toward collection development and one of the sites we looked at was Baker and Taylor. I know of the site and it's basic function because our library orders a lot of book from there. However I was unaware that there were lists that you could subscribe to that would alert you to newly released books. I'm sure everyone knows that something like that exists, I, however, was excited about a specific one, it's called Fast Facts.

The biggest difference, in my observation, with this particular publication is that it sends e-mail to you every Friday. At first that seemed a bit overwhelming to me but then I though, that's awesome. Our library gets those monthly magazines, but by the time they get here, I sort of overlook them among all the other things on the desk and then it's eventually tucked away somewhere. With the Fast Facts, a PDF is sent directly to your e-mail, or you can just go to the Baker and Taylor site, and the list is broken down into handy categories such as new hardcover fiction and non-fiction, hot sellers this week, new to the NY Times bestseller list, publicity flashes, new hardcover children's picture books, new graphic novels, and more. The file also contains the ISBN, author, publisher, and list price. The way this things is set up I can just copy and paste into the book request spreadsheet that we have. <-- The URL to fast facts. 

So, in conclusion, I figured I've read a lot of blog topics that are titles "What they don't teach you in library school" and man oh man, don't they always hit the nail on the head, but I though I'd post about something that I did learn in library school that I can use.


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