Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Teen Tech Week

Also known as the new bane of my existence.

So I've never been very tech savvy, I was the kid that had to forced away from the card catalogs back in Elementary School (or maybe middle school) when they first brought in Opac computers. I didn't get my first smart phone until this past fall, I still have a physical planner, I could go on and on. This is my first Teen Tech Week and it seems like my resistance is finally coming back to bite me.

I've bounced around a few ideas so far, the first of which was creating your own web page. In a few of my grad classes we've have to play around with HTML and it always resulted in a web page with colors, pictures, various fonts, and all that other stuff that teachers grade. I figured, hey I've already done it, I got good grades, we can download a free trial and have some fun with this. NOPE. So I thought that my great idea was written in the stars when I found out that YALSA posted a website that teen could use to learn all about HTML and everything, but for some sad and strange reason I had the hardest time using it . I don't blame YALSA I'm sure they know what they're doing, I was just having issues (Site for Teen Tech Toolkit is here ). Then it dawned on me, how are we physically going to pull this off. This library doesn't have a computer lab, or even extra computers for that matter, and many of our patrons come here to use computers so they don't have them at home. Basically it's physically not going to work, weather I figure out YALSA's site or not.

The next idea was QR scavenger hunt and I can't even take credit for that one. but I'm having issues making and finding QR codes and not everyone has a smart phone so there would still have to be an activity that everyone could participate in.

Then I decided robot, everyone loves robots... I think. The next question what to make these robots out of, should I just collect random stuff, then I though cardboard boxes. It's currently still a great idea in my mind, I'm just not sure how technical is it. Maybe they're technically deciding how to construct these robots. I don't know, but it's all I've got at the moment and I'm running with it :)


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