Thursday, May 22, 2014

Life of a Blogger: 101 Things I Hate

I just found this meme, hosted by Jessie over at Novel Heartbeat. As hard as it may be to talk about something other than books, I'm going to give it a go.

  1. People who think Librarians don’t do anything.
  2. Those who judge YA books
  3. Snow
  4. Ice
  5. Too much sun
  6. The cold
  7. Awkward silences
  8. First dates
  9. Not knowing if you have seeds in your teeth from your everything bagel
  10. Parallel parking
  11. Water
  12. Swimming
  13. Going to the gym
  14. Contacts (they make my eyes red)
  15. The fact that so many people say “I look better without glasses, but you look great)
  16. People I don’t know commenting about my weight. It’s just rude all the way around.
  17. When cats make me sneeze (notice I didn’t say cats)
  18. Patrons handing my their library card, like I should instinctively know what they want
  19. Using words that aren’t in the dictionary
  20. Looking at someone boxers because they refuse to purchase a belt
  21. Reading books out of order (it’s just wrong)
  22. Cleaning my room
  23. Washing clothes
  24. Folding clothes
  25. Doing the dishes
  26. Reading directions
  27. Taking directions
  28. Building things
  29. Lease babies (you know those monkey backpacks)
  30. Cooking
  31. Rich people (I know it’s not their fault but I’m mad about it)
  32. Someone trying to force their religion on others
  33. Hates of gay marriage
  34. Haters of interracial marriage (cheerios commercial anyone)
  35. My stupid long legs (pants never fit)
  36. My giant size 10 feet
  37. Sang between my toes
  38. The fact the Firefly was only 1 season
  39. Turkey’s (the live ones)
  40. Every type of reptile
  41. My ridiculous need to buy purses
  42. People trying to talk to me when I’m reading
  43. When people are ALWAYS late
  44. Gambling
  45. Spending money
  46. Technology
  47. Spiders
  48. Birds
  49. Worms
  50. The outdoors
  51. NY drivers, why must you come to CT on the weekends, WHY!!!
  52. Not a big fan of non-fiction sorry
  53. The fact that I feel the need to wear make up all the time
  54. Shocking myself
  55. Paying bills
  56. Paying student loans (because that’s a category all itself)
  57. When people freak out if I don’t know the newest movie
  58. Someone who can’t let a conversation go (move on dude, I don’t care about Superman)
  59. Being sick
  60. When my check engine light comes on
  61. Fighting with my computer
  62. Calling somewhere and having to go through a million recordings
  63. Watching history movies because they’re way sad
  64. When parents sit on computer and ignore their children at the library
  65. When nothing good comes in my Birchbox
  66. Loud as heck upstairs neighbors
  67. Hangovers (thank goodness that doesn’t happen too often)
  68. Being bored on a Friday night.
  69. Being surrounded by people I don’t know
  70. Feeling like an outsider
  71. Feeling judged
  72. Headaches
  73. Going to the dentist
  74. Making doctor’s appointments
  75. Realizing I don’t know how the whole song goes that I chose to do at karaoke
  76. When I don’t remember someone’s name but they know mine
  77. Books that are upside down on a book shelf
  78. Books that are backwards on a book shelf
  79. Grad school
  80. Writing papers
  81. Feeling like no one is listening to me
  82. Finishing a book only to realize I’m back in reality
  83. Remembering to Tweet (trying to get more blog followers okay)
  84. People thinking I’m a high school volunteer when I’m at work
  85. Growing up
  86. Money
  87. Haters of musicals
  88. Reality TV
  89. The fact that, that mermade show was on Animal Planet, only real things should be there
  90. People who think I’m weird for believing in aliens and mermaids
  91. That I can’t spell
  92. Losing my car
  93. The look of my blog, one day I’ll get it together
  94. Backing into a parking spot
  95. Talking on the phone in the library
  96. Dumb Facebook comments
  97. Guys sprouting crap about being friend zoned because you know what, you’ve never asked me out :P
  98. The dark circles under my eyes
  99. My hair
  100. Wearing shoes that aren’t sneakers
  101. Not having a good book to read during boring times.


  1. Lots of interesting things there that I agree with. I'm also hating my hair right now. I'm growing it and it's taking so long to get any length.
    Hope you have a great week. Here's my post.

    1. Hair is a problem. I braided mine to keep it under control. As ladies, we do what we must. lol.

  2. Love your list! I think it would be so hard to make a list this long lol!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. It wasn't easy. I was writing it at work so all of the library things that I out down were happening as I was typing them. That helped. lol.

  3. Oh my goodness, who on earth says that Librarians don't do anything?! Reality TV is so awful most of the time, and I don't understand people that hate musicals. So many good choices here!

    Check out my Life Of A Blogger post!

    Katrina @ Chased By My Imagination

    1. Haha, thanks. It's all pretty random, and it was actually hard to think of 101 things, but I guess that's a good thing.